Romancing the stones – finding beauty in the bedrock


I see you

The veil of objectivity

we drape you in

belies your tortured past


I hear you

Tumbling vociferously

thundering endlessly

pulverized to dust


I feel you

Jaggedly striking

an angular figure

and textured frame


I see you

Embracing ancient

lifeless forms which

mark your passing years


I hear you

Thrum and pulse

scrunch and crackle

as blazing spasms flow


I feel you

Cool, smooth satin

glides across my cheek

like curling stones on ice


I see you

Bright and bejewelled

glinting beacons ushering

us across the abyss


I hear you

Groan, creak and screech

the belly-aching refrain

from a twisted visage


I feel you

Crumpled and gritty

stoic astride

your innermost flux


I see you

Pretty pictures

painted in scorched film

adorn your face


I hear you

Harmonic vibration

a mellow hum

murmurs through time


I feel you

Strained and supportive

an edifice

beneath my feet